Classical & Quantum
Black Holes

Lecturer: Ruben Campos Delgado


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Week 1: Black holes in General Relativity.

Week 2: Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime.

Week 3: Hawking Radiation and Entropy Law.

Week 4: Black holes in Quantum Gravity.

The mini course is evaluated with assignments.

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successfully passed students

Sami Céspedes 🇧🇴
(Higher University of San Andrés, BO)

Elias Driessche 🇮🇹
(University of Padova, IT)

Leandro Fontes 🇧🇷
(Federal University of ABC, BR)

Osmar López Pérez 🇲🇽
(Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México , Mx)

Diego Matias Cazón🇧🇴
(Higher University of San Andrés, BO)

Goosline Pereira 🇻🇪
(University Simón Bolı́var , VE)

Gustavo Tapia 🇵🇪(National University of Trujillo, PE)

Jhon Moreno Triana🇨🇴(Universidad Nacional de Colombia, CO)


Guest Lecturer
Thomas Hartman

(Cornell University, USA)

Ruben Campos Delgado 

(Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics & Uni Bonn, DE)


Daniel Galviz
YMSC (Tsinghua University, CN)
ICTS (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, IN)