Algebraic Geometry 

Lecturer: Daniel Galviz & Francisco Villacis


Week 1:

   - Lecture 1: Introduction and basics of category theory

   - Lecture 2: Zariski Topology and Affine Varieties

   - Lecture 3: Algebraic Varieties and Projective Varieties

Week 2:

   - Lecture 4: Sheaves and Stalks

   - Lecture 5: Abelian sheaves

   - Lecture 6: Sheaves of modules & Coherent Sheaves 

Week 3:

   - Lecture 7: Schemes 

   - Lecture 8: Morphisms of schemes

   - Lecture 9: Projective morphisms

Week 4:

   - Lecture 10: Differentials and Divisors on curves

   - Lecture 11: Vector Bundles

   - Lecture 12: Sheaf cohomology

This mini course is evaluated with assignments.

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30 Students were accepted
We will publish the list of students who have successfully approved the course.


Catherine Cannizzo

UC- Berkeley

Yalong Cao
RIKEN Institute

Alexander Cruz 


Dennis Gaitsgory
Harvard U.

Lothar Göttsche

Mark Gross

Cambridge U.

Daniel Huybrechts
Bonn University

Martijn Kool

Utrecht University.

Pranav Pandit

Richard Thomas
Imperial College London

Artan Sheshmani
Harvard U. & BIMSA Tsinghua U.

Claire Voisin
IMJ-Paris Rive Gauche


Francisco Villacis

(Pure Mathematics University of Waterloo, CA)

Lecturer & Organizer
Daniel Galviz
YMSC (Tsinghua University)
ICTS (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, IN)